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Interactive Questionnaire and Dashboard Application

Qeysights is the only interactive Questionnaire and Dashboard application that has been specifically designed to focus on providing clear insight and meaning through the combination of Next Gen technologies, methodologies and intelligence.

Key features are:

  • Interactive Questionnaire and Dashboard Application
  • Immediately Actionable Outcomes
  • Internal Pockets of Excellence
  • Interactive Multi-Dimensional Views
  • Continuous Improvement Made Easy
  • International Patent Pending



Immediately Actionable Outcomes

  • Future focused predictive measurements
  • People's current perception
  • People’s expectations for the future
  • Over- and under-performance
  • Insight into how to mature the organisation

Internal Pockets of Excellence

Qeysights is unique in its capability to identify internal expertise and high performing teams throughout the organisation. Teams that already deliver best practice can be recognised and their expertise and secrets of success applied to improve other areas of the business.

Interactive Multi-Dimensional Views

The Qeysights dashboard allows a user to slice and dice the data as they wish:
  • One, several or all levels of the organisation: business units, divisions, departments, functions and teams
  • Management levels: from executive to front-line
  • Gender
  • Age groups
  • Part- and full-time
  • Contractor and employee

Any Function, Area or Topic Applies

A questionnaire may include (a combination of):
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Productivity & Efficiency
  • Culture & Engagement  
  • Customer Centricity & Focus
  • Bespoke, e.g.:
    • Value, quality, use and acceptance of department outputs 
    • Efficiency and rework


See Areas that apply for more information.


Easy Continuous Improvement 

With Qeysights, measured and verifiable continuous improvement is easy. Updated insights can be provided at regular intervals e.g. 4, 6, 12 months showing improvements and updated focus areas.

International Patent Pending

Global patent research has shown that there is no other system that provides the combination of questioning with the insights and direct actioning capability Qeysights provides. Qeysights is protected under the international patent laws with the international patent pending.